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Certified Legal Secretary

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Description: Looking for a challenge? Do you like research and staying organized? Do you enjoy the excitement of a busy office? If so, then you should consider becoming a legal assistant or legal secretary. Legal assistants/secretaries perform clerical duties at law firms and other legal offices. Unlike regular assistants/secretaries, legal assistants require extensive knowledge of legal proceedings and documentation. They may do factual or legal research at all levels of a case and will often organize meetings, appointments and dates for attorneys. Some of the duties of a legal assistants/secretary include overseeing all clerical tasks that are necessary for keeping a law firm running efficiently, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( A legal assistant works under general supervision to perform administrative and support functions for an attorney or judge. This course, offered by our accredited school partners, prepares you to handle these challenges.

After completing this course you should be able to:

• Define the job description of a legal assistant/secretary
• Identify correct billing & accounting methods
• Define terminology of the court
• Recognize types of contracts & torts
• Identify types of business partnerships
• Define types of wills & trusts

The US legal system plays an ever-increasing role in our lives. Our Understanding the Law course helps you become engaged in the study of US law by examining how various aspects of law affect individuals. We use hypothetical and real world examples to illustrate important points of the law and to inspire insight. This course also incorporates extensive coverage of ethical issues, consumer rights, employee rights and family law. Students will discover the fundamental different types of US law, including international and comparative law in order to gain essential knowledge for today's global marketplace.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Identify the concepts involved in US law
• Recall basic classifications of the state and federal court system
• Define administrative law classifications
• Differentiate between the elements of torts and contracts
• Identify how the law relates to consumer rights

Course outlie:
Legal Secretary / Legal Assistant Module 1 - The Law Office
• The Lawyer’s Assistant
• The Career of a Lawyer’s Assistant
• NALS Certification
• Ethical Considerations
• Maintaining Integrity
• Getting to Know the Law Office
• Client Relations
• Dealing with Incoming & Outgoing Mail
• File Management
• Computers in the Law Office

Legal Secretary / Legal Assistant Module 2 - Billing, Accounting & Written Communication
• Understanding Billing
• Time & Cost Entries
• Handling the Firm’s Checking Account
• Written Communication
• The Basics of English Grammar
• Review of Sentence Structure
• Punctuation & Capitalization
• Abbreviations & Number Usage
• Writing Letters, Memos, & Messages
• Parts of a Business Letter

Legal Secretary / Legal Assistant Module 3 - Preparation of Legal Documents
• Basic Preparation of a Legal Document
• Legal Citations
• Legal Research & the Law Library
• Computer-assisted Legal Research
• History of the Law
• The American Judicial System
• Dual System of Courts
• Terminology of the Court
• Court Officers
• Administrative Agencies

Legal Secretary / Legal Assistant Module 4 - Litigation, Contracts, Torts, & Criminal Law
• Opening the Litigation File
• Delivery of Complaint or Petition to the Court
• Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
• Motions Prior to Trail & Trial
• Understanding Contract Law
• The Essential Elements of a Contract
• Negligence versus Strict Liability
• Criminal Law & Procedure
• Jurisdictional Differences
• Misdemeanor & Felony Cases

Legal Secretary / Legal Assistant Module 5 - Family, Business, & Real Estate Law
• Family Law
• Marriage, Annulment, & Divorce
• Child Custody & Support Agreements
• Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
• Business Organizations & the Law
• Types of Corporations
• Types of Partnerships
• Real Estate Law
• Elements of Real Estate Law
• Real Estate in Litigation

Legal Secretary / Legal Assistant Module 6 - Estate Planning & Guardianship Plus Bankruptcy Law
• An Introduction to Estate Planning
• Characteristics of a Will
• Types of Wills
• Types of Trusts & Funding a Trust
• Elder Law
• The Uniform Probate Code
• Functions of Estate Administration
• Guardianships or Conservatorships
• Understanding Bankruptcy
• Dischargeable & Nondischargeable Debts

Understanding the Law Module 1 - Introduction to the Law
•The English Source of U.S. Law
•Modern Sources of U.S. Law
•Types & Classifications of Law
•The Relationship Between Law & Ethics
•Using Court Cases
•Constitutional Law
•Judicial Review
•Separation of Powers
•The National Government
•What is Federalism?
•The Police Power
•The Bill of Rights
•Freedom of Speech & Religion
•Unreasonable Searches
•Due Process of Law
•Affirmative Action
•The Right to Privacy

Understanding the Law Module 2 - The Court System & The Attorney
•What is Trial Court?
•Appellate Court
•Understanding Jurisdiction
•The State Court System
•The Federal Court System
•Trial Proceedings
•The Adversarial System
•Professional Ethics
•Hire & Fire an Attorney
•Legal Malpractice
•Unauthorized Practice of Law
•Alternative Dispute Resolution

Understanding the Law Module 3 - Administrative Law & Crimes
•What is Administrative Law?
•History of U.S. Administrative Law
•Administrative Agencies
•Areas of Administrative Law
•Agency Power, Process, & A

The following textbooks will be provided to each student upon registration:
Paralegal Professional 5th edition, by Thomas F. Goldman and Henry R. Cheeseman (ebook)

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